Claudia B. Boland and David ‘Disco’ Spicer are... 
The Spectacular Disco Group. Their "Double Hour of Disco Power" 
radio show goes out live on Bondi 88.00 FM every Sunday.

For the past year, the SDG have kept their vinyl glistening for their listeners, 
who hale from Bondi to the USA and UK and anywhere you can get on the 
Internet (www.bondifm.com.au on any Sunday Night:  6pm - 8pm AEST).

Their interviewees have included the groovemeister, Roy Ayres, New York dj/producers Lenny D (Industrial Strength Records) and Francois K (Wave Music), as well as Macho Mike aka renowned body-building Bondoid. 

"The Double Hour of Disco Power" Show aims to inform and entertain by taking BONDI FM listeners on a supa rollercoaster ride from the early seventies to the present... NU JAZZ, SOUL, GOSPEL, FUNK, RARE GROOVE, R&B, ELECTRO, HOUSE  and GARAGE tunes... and ALWAYS with the fusion element of delicious DISCO!

3D WORLD - Questions for SDG... 

1) name, day and time of show

The Spectacular Disco Group aka The SDG presents…
"The Double Hour of Disco Power" - Sundays 6-8pm

2) Name of spectacular show hosts

David Spicer and Claudia B Boland aka The SDG.

3) What’s the story behind the name?

Our SDG party events motto is... "We move. U Groove". We’ve always considered DISCO to be SPECTACULAR aka striking, imposing, flamboyant and theatrical - so we formed The SPECTACULAR DISCO GROUP to bring GUARANTEED GROOVE to the PARTY PEOPLE unconditionally.

4) What names would you include in an ultimate hour of disco power?

Chaka Khan, Chic, Larry Levan, Francois K, Tom Moulton, Quincy Jones, David Mancuso, Donna Summer, Salsoul Orchestra, Loletta Holloway, Joey Negro, The World’s Famous Supreme Team Show plus many, many more.

5) How long at Bondi FM? I hear you have a bit of a landmark celebration coming up…

We’re comin’ up to a year of Spectacular Disco Power on the air. That’s over 100 hours of non-stop disco action, yippee!

6) Tell us about your first gig

Hmmm… Many moonlit nites ago… Sparkling disco balls and loads of afros and platform booties dancing to the music ‘till the break of dawn.

7) What’s involved in a day in the life of a disco superstar?

Ask Rick James.

    8) Any guests on the show recently/coming up?

We at the SDG believe in quality control at all times and have had funky past interviews with Roy Ayres, Lenny D and Francois K as well as assorted guests ranging from Hoola-Hoop Girl to our very own Hi-Speed-Live-Sushi-Chef and hopefully we’re locking in Dancing-Boy-In-Cage to appear in the next few weeks - especially for the pleasure of the disco webcam crew.

9) Any mortally embarrassing mishaps on/off air?

None so far. We believe we are protected by a HIGHER DISCO FORCE.

10) Did you ever sing into your hairbrush?

Dave: No, don’t have one. / Claudia: Still do as often as possible.

11) What record is a crime against humanity?

No music is good or bad - it’s just what you prefer.

12) Do you have any special outfits to get you into the disco mood?

We like to relax in our matching mirror ball body suits whilst washing our records… or for that extra bit of vavoom, we prefer to practise our best moves on our flashing disco studio floor in oversized sunglasses.

13) If there was a disco superhero what would he/she be called?

We believe DISCO MUSIC is the supa power which protects us all.

14) Favourite record labels/artists?

Atlantic, Electra, Salsoul, Prelude, West End, etc - plus a heap of contemporary nu disco labels. We like to mix ‘em all up on our show.

15) Favourite aussie group/artist?

Olivia Newton-John... shakin’ her ass in spandex panties and disco-movin' rollerskates in Xanadu.

16) Any interaction from the webcam/phones?

Loads of regular love from very special disco enthusiasts and experts - tuning in from all ‘round the world including local Bondi funksters. Keep it up crew!

17) Final words to the disco masses…

We at the SDG wish to remind our beloved listeners that it’s no coincidence that the word ‘fun’ is in ‘FUNK’! 

So, visit our official SDG disco website at www.cyberprincess.com.au/sdg or email us your special disco requests via SDG@bondifm.com.au and we will happily accept your cash donations anytime c/o ? The Disco Producers @ Bondi FM.

Disco kisses to ya x C&D@TheSDG